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Who Else but Pete here. If you're not one of my regular subscribers, let me quickly tell you a little about myself ...and then I'll show you real time proof of how I managed to help my wife pull in $900 in 2 days using a program called 'Web Colleagues ', The only skill needed -TYPING.

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     Being from the UK, it is so hard
to find opportunities I can do
from my country. This has been a
fabulous treat. Please feel free to let
people know that this really works
from all over the world.

Eleanor B.
Great Britain


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Ok... I've been working at home and making a living online since 1999 and watched my wife bring up our two beautiful boys. But now they are off her hands all day she is bored. My business is good but she wants to be able to have 'her money' as well. She has been doing the accounts and letters for me (my own free secretary - and if she sees this she will give me 'what for'). One of my friends suggested she tried Web Colleagues as he has been using it since he was laid off at my suggestion. I have tried to help him as I remember what I went through.

Since I began my internet business all those years ago, I've been through literally every emotion imaginable. Frustration... anger... jubilation; although the 'frustration' only lasted for the first two years whilst I was desperately trying to discover how the whole internet game worked!

Eventually, and after a lot of hard work, I did work it out and ever since then I haven't looked back... and in the next few moments, I can hopefully advise you on how to do the same!

Here's The Problem...

See, nowadays, trying to make money online is even more difficult and confusing than it used to be. There are so many programs on the market to choose from and unless you have the time and money to test them out, you're basically going to go round in circles....and potentially lose a lot of money.

And this is the exact reason why a few weeks ago, (and after continually being asked to do so for 2 years!) I decided to strip down 15 of the most popular 'money making' opportunities to see which ones actually work!

What Happened...

The truth was, most were total rubbish and a few could even be described as 'scams'. In fact, out of the 15 that I tested, only two contained feasible ways of making good money online. In fact, these two programs (the 'Web Colleagues' and 'Six Figure Yearly') worked SO well, not only did I make money my wife managed to make money in the first two days as a total newbie with one of the products. She even surprised me!

Here's an overview of both... and make sure you read my conclusion at the end...


Lets begin with the new and exciting "Web Colleagues" which reveals the secrets of how the author really creates a colleague based organisation.

After initially checking out the site it was immediately apparent that this is for real. It was not a one system method unlike almost all the other sites I had seen.

You had a choice of what you wanted to do and how you wanted to do them. They would even take work that you had created in the past and as long as they passed the work you got paid.

I had heard of good things about this system. I had also heard not such good things. I decided to find out why.

The reason became obvious as soon as my wife started work on the site. She was totally absorbed and wanted to do nothing else all day. She had the dedication to repeat the work the next day because she enjoyed it so much.

Her comment was that this system works - the only difference being that you have to work at it. It is no magic wand, like all jobs you have to work, at least with this one you get to choose what you do and if you can type you can earn.

Well actually my Wife's Results over
2 days - $900

Not bad you will agree... and she is still using it at the moment to make some cash to clear our Christmas debts and make sure that this is a great summer holiday season for the children.

The other thing I just wanted to mention is that you only have to pay one payment EVER. You have a choice of work you want to do and you work directly with the client - I did say you had no extra fees involved.

This is unbelievable information that you can use immediately to make money with... and how you can easily duplicate it even if you are a newbie!

Overall the "Web Colleagues" is a great program... the best out of the 15 products I tested and I recommend it.

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And you can see my conclusions below...


When I first saw the Six Figure Yearly website, I must confess I thought 'here we go..., yet another so-called Internet Guru promising unrealistic results' ...and usually I would've avoided this kinda' thing like the plague.

However, because the whole point of my research was to end all speculation and to find the best 'money making' programs on the net, I just went ahead and downloaded it.

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised.The mantra of the website is this: "I'm going to show you how I put $1,000 - $3,500 a day in my account" ; and that's pretty much what it does. The techniques are valid and the ideas do work.. and I only know this because I've been using some of them for years.

The training program is great and abundant with diagrams and detailed video tutorials.... and you are also given promotional tools and graphics to help you get started and then profitable as quickly as possible.

If you follow these tutorials you will make some money. No doubt about it. However, the question much?

Well, I tried this one out at the same time as the 'Web Colleagues', but because these methods were a little more difficult to implement, I tested it over a 3 day period, rather than a 2 day one like I was intending.

Here's what happened...

Yes I made money, but I discovered that not only did I have to pay to start, there were additional expenses which would have to come out of my earnings. This to me was a minus point.

Well, as you can gather, the results are not bad and I assume that money every day would do you just fine!

However, my earnings did not live up to what was stated on the website nor were they as effective and easy to implement as the techniques in the Web Colleagues which had no additional expenses. This product has a monthly on-going fee.

Six Figure Yearly does work but I'd advise you to read my conclusion below before taking action.


The Conclusion...?

Well after some deliberation, my conclusion is this. If you want to make some quick cash immediately then the Web Colleagues is certainly the one to go for.

Don't get me wrong, the alternatives techniques DO work and if you spent a little time trying to implement everything then you will make money... although I do think the reason why I personally was able to generate money with WC over a 3 day test period was because I already have oodles of experience online. You may not do so! In that case as my wife found out, Web Colleagues is not only cheaper it is easy to use.

So that is it. If you want an extra few hundred bucks in your pocket... and within the next few days, then go ahead and...

Check out the Web Colleagues Method. - 100% 60 day refund if you are not happy with it. Not only will you be amazed but I am offering a

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